Company D, First Texas Cavalry CSA

First Texas Cavalry of The Confederate States of America
Company D First Texas Cavalry of The Civil War

The roster of Company D, First Texas Cavalry, was organized at Victoria and was made up of a great number of Jackson County men. This roster is made from memory by J. L. Dickie who served in the company and called the roll each morning during the war. In the list to follow are many familiar Jackson County names.

First Texas Cavalry

J. C. Borden, Captain
J. M. Chivers, First Lieutenant


L. C. Preston, Second Lieutenant
R. S. Flournoy, Third Lieutenant
J. R. Borden, Orderly Sergeant
J. H. Bonham, First Sergeant
Alex Keller, Second Sergeant
Geo. Stoner, Third Sergeant
J. H. Evans, First Corporal
Tom Culpepper, Second Corporal
M. Barrington, Third Corporal
Jerry Killingsworth, Fourth Corporal

J.H. Bonner
Hugh Burke
James Bourke
Rich Bourke
William Britton
W. Barfield
Felix Barfield
B. F. Bishop
Phil Bishop
L. D. Browne
Robert Baty
G. B. Culpepper
E. Conklin
F. W. Cleveland
R. M. D. Clay
Jas. Cochron
Ed Coleman
H. G. H. Davis
T. S. Dulin
J. L. Dickie
T. J. Dickie
Joel Dement
Jesse Evans
H. C. Evans
Felix Evans
N. H. Evans
H. R. Emmons
H. C. Elliott
Matt Flourney
W. B. Garvin
James Gibbons
D. R. Gregory
Wm. Gregory
Dan Giphardt
G. S. Gayle
J. V. Hayes
Wm. Harris
Felix Harless
S. W. Hill
John Hill
Wm. Hill
Chas. Hughes
Chas. Horburg
J. S. Holloway
Wm. Jenkins
Joe Jenkins
Hugh Jetton
S. G. Killingsworth
Wm. John
Wm. Kibbe
Jas. Kendall
Bud Keller
Wm. Kuykendall
T. C. Kuykendall
J. H. Kuykendall
Wylie Kuykendall
Joe Knopp
M. Lingham
Thos. Lamly
H. O. Lawrence
W. B. McSparran
B. McDonald
Wm. McKinsie
John McHenry
G. L. Moulton
J. F. Moore
Dick Marshall
Ed Massey
J. J. Murphy
James Noble
Davis Nolan
J. Y. O'Brien
Robert O'Neal
Jesse O'Neal
J. D. O'Daniel
J. R. Page
Lou Persons
Chas. Persons
Aaron Pybus
J. C. Patterson
A. H. Pierce
J. F. Pierce
Robert Partain
H. E. Rogers
L. Rice
W. Rice
J. Rice
J. H. Rose
Wm. Richards
C. Redman
L. O. Raleigh
Bud Roden
Sims Sterling
J. N. Strane
J. W. Stanley
S. G. Stephenson
J. C. Stephens
J. Sheppard
Eli Smith
R. N. Shull
Thos. Steward
Jack Sanders
Peter Sample
Franks Simmons
Geo. Tombs
W. W. Vaughn
Thos. Winn
Henry Wheeler
M. A. Wade
William Whitley
C. T. Yearwood
Simon Young
S. B. York

This may not be all of the roster but is as accurate as can be had. Most of the men from this Company were from Jackson County. They served their country well, took part in a number of battles and fought with great valor.

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