Company K - Texas Second Infantry CSA

Company K Was In Fourteen Battles of the Civil War

Company K was the first military company organized in Texana
during the Civil War and is made up mostly of Jackson County men.
The roster:


Captain C. L. Owen (killed at Shiloh)
A. B. Dodd - First Lieutenant (resigned at Galveston)
M. K. Simons - Second Lieutenant
J. M. Haynie - Third Lieutenant (killed at Corinth)
Henry McDonald - First Sergeant
L. Garrett - Second Sergeant
W. B. McDowell - Third Sergeant (died in hospital)
E. A. Mathews - Fourth Sergeant
F. W. Armstrong - First Corporal
Geo. F. Simons - Second Corporal
E. P. Clary - Third Corporal
S. D. Dutart - Fourth Corporal


Chas. Andrews
Thos. Aimsworth
J. W. Allen
Wm. G. Brook
Hogan Batey (died hospital)
S. Z. J. Beetley
Jesse Brook (died hospital)
Frank Beaumont
Geo. Baylor (killed at Shiloh)
Zack Bankhead
J. A. Bolling (killed at Corinth)
Max Brandt (died hospital)
Frank Burwell
David Burnett
John Bourke (discharged)
James Bourke (discharged)
Tim Bourke
Wm. Coleman
Wiley Coleman (discharged)
Thos. Ewing
Wm. Ferrell (discharged)
George Flare
Robert Fluery
Jim French
Jim Futher (killed at Shiloh)
Abe Gisler
A. Garman (killed at Shiloh)
Michael Green
Thos. Harlan
John Hicks
Geo. Harper (killed at Shiloh)
Frank Harter
Amos Jordan
W. H. Kirk (killed at Vicksburg)
John L. Logan
Sam Laconey
E. Mankee
Thos. Menefee (discharged on account of bad health)
Judge Menefee
Eug. McDowell (killed at Shiloh)
Mack Merchant (wounded, Shiloh discharged)
Henry Meyers (killed at Shiloh)
Henry Mills (died hospital)
O'Berry - 1st killed
O'Berry - 2nd killed
O'Berry - 3rd killed
O'Berry - 4th killed
O'Berry - 5th killed
Zack Openhimer (killed at Vicksburg)
Richard Payne
Louis Probst
John Rogers (killed at Shiloh)
Samuel Robb
Ralph Smith
Henry Simons
John Stulting
John Sanford (killed at Vicksburg)
Wm. Stayton (died in hospital)
Stayton 2nd
Wm. Simms (killed at Vicksburg)
George Sheppard
L. F. Wells
Richard Wilkins
Chas. Waley (killed at Corinth)
Wm. Wiseman
Wright Wiseman (killed at Vicksburg)
Dr. Jas. Woolfork

Company K was in some of the most famous battles of the Civil War.
Members were in fourteen battles and skirmishes. Some of the hottest
battles they fought in were Shiloh, two battles at Corinth, Farmington,
Iuka, Holly Springs, Talahatchie, Greenwood, Chicashaw, Bayou, and

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