Sallie A. Jones

submitted by Carol Sue Gibbs


Mrs. Sallie A. Jones

On March 23rd, 1916, Mrs. Sallie A. Joines, our friend and neighbor, died in Galveston where she was taken in January to under go an operation.

Mrs. Joines would have been 38 years old in April. She has spent nearly the whole of her married life at her home near Buhler. She was born and reared in Tennessee, and was converted just as she blossomed into womanhood and became a member of the Methodist church, remaining a faithful worker to the end.  This loved and loving wife, mother, sister, friend died where womanhood's morning touches noon, and while the shadows had hardly turned from the west. It seems to us that her life was cut off by the.....too soon, but when the message comes for the soul to step across to life--celestial life--real life, the body does not resist but gives up its carefully guarded jewel with scarce a struggle and surely no regret. We see it come to the children, pure and sweet; we see it come to the boys and girls while life is sweet before them; we see it come to the mothers and fathers while they are still co-workers with the Divine in molding the lives of their little ones; and then to the aged with their wrinkled brow and hair of snow; we see it all along the way. So death had no terrors for our friend. She knew her condition and seemed to welcome the end as a relief from pain and sorrow. She now rests under the shade of the trees and awaits the coming of her loved ones.  Mrs. Joines leaves a husband, eleven children, two grand children, one brother and a number of relatives here in our midst to mourn her loss and her gain.  Funeral services were held at the family home which was filled to overflowing with relatives and friends. The remains were then carried to the grave made ready just back of the home. Her six brothers-in-law acted as pallbearers. As the casket was made ready to be lowered "Asleep in Jesus" was sung softly and a prayer offered.  She was remembered kindly by her friends by several beautiful offerings of flowers.

She has peace and joy and gladness
With never, never pain,
And into this world of sadness
She will not come back again.
But is waiting over yonder,
Just across the border land,
And it seems that we can see her
Reaching out a loving hand,
Saying "little ones, my children
It is such a restful place,
It is glorious, glorious, glorious,
I can see my Savior's face."


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